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satti karer bhalobasa kakhonoi

sorir dekhe hayna,

bhalobasa ta antor theke

hay , tar madhye duti maner mil na

thakle seta kakshonoi

tike thakbe na,

tai karo sorir dekhe nay

tar man ta dekhe bhalobaso…

ami bhalobasa ke ghrina

korte pari na ,

karon bhalobasa nishpap&pabitro,

ami take ghrina kari

je bhalobasa ke samman korte

janena, bhalobasa niye khela kare..

“takei bhalobaso

je tomake kasto dey,

take kasto dio na

je tomay bhalobase,

hayto prithibir kachhe

tumi kichhui na ..

kintu karo kachhe hayto tumi

tar prithibi…”

amar jiboner sukher galpota khub chhoto..

jar majhe kono hasir vasha nei…

ache sudhu jiboner lukiye thaka jantrona..

ja ai man ta chhara R keu bojhe na….

akta chhele tar  jiboner

sab badha jay korte pare..

tar jibone Jodi akta

satti karer bhalobasar  lok

thake, tar bhalobasay jibon thake…

            Love is Great..



Swapne tumi aso kano dekha dao na,

Tomay ami jiboner thekeo

Besi bhalobasi tumi kano bojho na??

Sudhu akbar balo

Tomay ami bhalobasi,tahole

Swarger sukh ane diteo ami raji…

Manush jakhon khub beshi dukshe

Thake, khub chesta kare

Nijeke happy rakhte, abong ki

 sabar samne hasi mukhe thakar chesta kare,

kintu ..

antor thik i kede jay…

swapno diye aki ami sukher simana,

hriday diye khuji ami

maner thikana..

chhayar mato thakbo, sudhu tar pashe,

Jodi bale se amay satti